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Art de vivre

Rebellion, contemporaneity, fusion, curiosity, liberty, projects... These are but a few words coming to mind when describing Hedwig Van Impe and Remei Giralt. They collect, sponsor and dab at architecture all at once. We had the pleasure of visiting them in the delicious cool of their Sottsass home on a day of blinding sunshine and blazing heat.

my art magazine01They are both wonderfully spry and agile and seem uncommonly united and fusional. Despite him being Belgian and her Spanish, they appear twin-like, even physically. Introducing them presents a rather complex task, considering the multiplicity of their projects – past and future – which of course constitute but one single project: the project of their life.

Hedwig Van Impe and Remei Giralt aren’t run-of-the-mill collectors: in revolt against their former love for contemporary art they have turned to Old Masters and have done so with a rare passion and devotion. Still, and despite this, they are patrons of the Afro-American artist Michael Ray Charles, whose work deals with the generations-long suffering of his people.